HELM is much more than a cloud business application

See why HELM is the right choice for your business

CRM – Customer management simply and with style

  • you can manage general client data and additional, custom properties specific to your company’s profile
  • management of customer communication history
  • interviews, surveys, direct marketing tools
  • e-customer management module for serving your customers over the Internet
  • the application supports client types, paying qualification, client preferences, outstanding tax and blacklist check
  • bulk document generation, support for mailing
  • customer service hierarchy: customer management units, appointed client referees / key account managers, VIP client management, management of client’s contact persons information
  • management of marketing and telemarketing campaigns, monitoring efficiency and success
  • optional VOIP integration: initiating calls within the application, accepting incoming calls, logging of communication events, call recording and linking it to the communication log for retrieving and listening

The small and medium sized business orientated features

  • HELM Standard is a sophisticated, small & medium enterprise oriented business management solution, which we provide as a complete cloud-based business solution
  • It contains every necessary and important function needed for managing a company and at the same time it’s modular, simple, fast and cost-efficient – we know that these are the most important considerations for small and medium sized businesses
  • HELM Standard is not just a cloud-based business management software – it is a complex business service package, which is flexible and gives a complete and thorough answer to customer’s needs throughout the lifecycle: from introduction to the production use.
  • HELM Standard supports all the important areas of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) such as: customer management, sales/service management, supply and stock management, billing, cost follow up.
  • it’s a flexible, custom tailored, modular, expandable system that helps managing CRM tasks and sales administration in an efficient and user friendly way
  • extended with its extra modules it is a complete solution for handling and helming your business processes
  • integrated with VOIP phone service it gives the opportunity for integrated support of marketing, call center and conventional customer services, selling or teleshopping
  • thanks to it’s sophisticated architecture and interoperability it is easily integrated into existing info-communication environments
  • it can be seamlessly interfaced to a wide range of already existing informational technology products. Thanks to it’s service orientated architecture and modern developing technology this is very simple.
  • on one hand HELM follows a basic modular structure allowing a company to introduce only the really required modules, on the other hand it consists of a basic system (kernel) and a company specific shell, which can be tailored simply and easily
  • this structure of the system allows simple adaptation of the robust framework to the actual processes of the company in a user friendly, cost efficient and easy-to-follow way
  • this structural conception has been applied to all elements of the system. In this way the basic data model can be expanded by parameters according to the needs of the company (e.g. if the need for storing a new piece of information raises there is no need for software development)

Complete Management of Sales Procedures

  • management of offers, orders and contracts, automatic generation of documents, version history
  • easy to use document templates for standardized business documents. Contracts, offers and declarations, effective search and storage in the previously saved and checked data in the database
  • lifecycle management of occasional and continuous contracts
  • outgoing and occasional services, products and material sale billing
  • customer current account management: clients and providers current account
  • management of recovery processes: automatic payment reminder, calculation of interest for late payment, scheduled instalments
  • sales and outstanding amounts monitoring tools
  • registration and following of incoming invoices linked to the corresponding contracts
  • integration to the general ledger, support of sending data to the general ledger

Characteristics of the User Interface and Other Features

  • the application is web-based RIA (Rich Internet Application) generation user interface, there is no need for client side pre-installation, it is accessible with standard browsers and it is based on state-of-the-art technologies
  • the user experience is the same as with conventional client based applications, the structure of the screens is user friendly, ergonomic, using the benefits of the graphic interface, it is simple to use and easy to learn
  • the arrangement of information and control elements is lucid, clear and transparent

Monitoring of Service Levels

  • the service levels are continuously monitored with several different tools and in a geo-redundant way so that the usage is failsafe and flawless
  • monitoring and availability controll are done by independent professional services and the availability and performance of the system is being monitored symoultaneously from USA, two European centers and Singapore
  • The system is monitored locally by a modern AppDynamics solution, which predicts and forecasts operating incidents even before they really occur so that prevention measures could be taken in due time