Basic modules of HELM Standard

The product has several standard modules and multiple optional add-ons. Here are the basic modules and an overview of the most important features:

Customer Relationship Management

  • Partner and contact management
  • Classification, tagging and custom properties
  • Tracking of communication history
  • CRM tasks and to-dos
  • Leads and business opportunities
  • Events and CRM calendar
  • Supporting customer service procedures
  • Generating documents based on templates


  • Current account management
  • Proposal management
  • Pro-forma invoices
  • Delivery tickets
  • Invoicing, e-billing
  • Cash-desk receipt registration
  • Goods return management
  • Contracts and worksheets
  • Continual contracts
  • Profit centers


  • Incoming offers
  • Incoming pro-forma and final invoices
  • Incoming delivery tickets
  • Service purchase
  • Cost center management
  • Order and invoice approval cycles
  • Automated generation of outgoing proposals

Inventory & Storage

  • Simple inventory management
  • Multiple storage management
  • Tariffs management
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Simple stock-change records
  • Reservations, outsourced stock
  • Service contracts
  • Customer consumption profiles
  • Calculation and billing of continual and one-off services


  • VoIP integration for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Telemarketing and other campaign management
  • Custom queries and campaign design
  • Flexible call initiation and processing policies
  • Invitation scheduling and resource allocation
  • Planning and management of communication cycles


  • Integrated reports in multiple formats
  • Integrated on-line diagrams with automated refreshing (wallboard/dashboard options)
  • Scheduled reports
  • Customizable standard reports
  • Saving and retrieving statements
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